Our Clientele

Healthcare needs and Aging


Those over 50 today are more educated, living longer, more health conscious, and living a higher quality of life than any generation before them.  Although this is true, normal aging brings new issues, including Dementia, Diabetes, and many types of progressive diseases that change an entire way of living.  This population will double in the next 10 years, and there is so much information from so many places.  When you just want to be healthy, live life and feel good, how do you take everything and organize it so it all makes sense.  

Cancer, Chronic and Progressive diseases


Chronic Progressive diseases and Cancer are frightening.  Immediately your whole life, and they way you live day to day is disrupted and you need to relearn how to live.  Multiple Doctors, tests, treatments and how to communicate between all of them.  

Understanding how to manage the complex communication between you and the system for the best quality of care.  Seeking out all the support and resources available, organizing and understanding all the options for living with a disease or beating it, is how you get the quality out of the life you're living. 

Safety, Options and Healthy Living


There are so many options for living arrangements today.  Whether living at home, living with family, independent living options, adult day care, board & care, assisted living, skilled nursing or rehab facilities or long term care facilities.  These are major decisions and we can help.  We review all the options and can give insight and recommendations.  Also we can provide a home safety and fall prevention assessment, home updating, and/or preparing and selling a home.

Families and Caregivers


Often forgotten, but with the biggest burden and the most questions.  You are trying to get through life, work, children and commitments in your life which can be demanding.  With this added on it becomes overwhelming and incredible stressful.  Having all the information needed, organizing appointments, medications and communication with everyone involved. Feeling comfortable and confident to be able to make the best most educated and informed decision on a loved ones healthcare, reduces the anxiety and guilt we often feel.  CCA staff and the education and support we can give to families and caregivers can improve the life of the client, their family and everyone included in caring for them.

Prevention and Transitions


Wellness and new health changes, large or small, at any age requires a transition in the way we live our daily life.  Whether it is new medications, treatments and therapies, diet and nutrition, medical monitoring or a change in independence we all have questions and need help and support.  There are an overwhelming number of options and information from Doctors, healthcare professionals and the internet, but there is so much, with quite complex theories and plenty of bad information and scams.  We can take all this overwhelming information, organize it, educate you, give you options and concerns you would like to investigate further with your doctor, in making decisions on your care.

My Decisions


Most of us are not ready for a time when we we need to have made decisions regarding what our wishes are if we cannot speak for ourselves.  

A Will, a Power of Attorney (if for some reason you are unable to make decisions) designates a person you chose to make healthcare decisions and another to care for your finances.  Then  those forms for Advanced Directives and Organ Donation, having these completed assures your family everything is done the way you wanted.  CCA can help you complete all of these