Services we provide


Initial Consultation

A Coordinated Care Nurse Specialist will meet with you for a Consultation.  Invite your family and caregivers to this meeting, we can set up a meeting when everyone is available or we can digitally Skype them in if they live out of town.  Everyone has a personal and individual healthcare experience at this meeting we can find out the everything happening so we can draw up a detailed Care Plan.

Evaluation and Care Plan

This meeting involves giving you the customized and individual recommendations and plan of care from Coordinated Care Associates.  The multi specialty team will recommend a well rounded plan that can include all your options for a safe and healthy living.  We review and encompass all areas of living so the best possible plan can be delivered for everyone.

Nursing Care

Private in home care medical and nursing care provided by experienced Nurses.  We care for patients following surgery and those needing short term or long term care.  Our flexibility allows us to provide care for whatever is needed whether it is a 'CHECK-IN'  visit or 24hr care, it is individualized and chosen by you for what you need.  Health and Wellness coaching and additional healthcare monitoring, integrating traditional medicine with non-traditional treatment plans and exploring research opportunities.

Care Coordination

We will work with ALL of your Physician's to assure that communication is provided clearly to you and your family.  We communicate between your Doctors and providers so everyone has the same information.  If needed we can schedule and attend appointments, treatments then send an updated report to those healthcare providers who need your information. This is essential when there are multiple healthcare providers, labs, hospital visits and treatments being done.  The doctors will get reports on all changes and updates on your care.

Education and Nutrition

Our all inclusive care plan includes learning more about anticipating disease progression, aging, medication and any medical conditions.  We will educate you on the signs and symptoms, what you might expect in the future and explain anything you have not completely understood from your Doctor.   We can also give you healthy lifestyle recommendations. 


Documentation of Wishes

 We provide services with a notary that will document your Power of Attorney and designate those to speak for you when you can't speak for yourself.  There are several different kinds so we will show you all your options are.  We will also  complete documents for Advanced Directives and Organ Donation and getting them to your Healthcare providers.  Don't be scared of making the right decision, we make it easy to change if necessary. 

Home Safety Assessment

 We come in and evaluate the your house for safety hazards and functional ease.  We provide you with all of your options, whether there is no expense, moderate or full installation.  Its up to you to see what you need.  We can get the newest technology in safety equipment installed or just reorganize everything for safety.  Preventing accidents and falls are at the top of our list of priorities for clients. 

Associate Services


How are Associate services work

At Coordinated Care has Associates our FIRST priority is our patients and their families.  We are a family support and healthcare management company that has Associates we work specifically with here in the community.  There are hundreds of these services available, but navigating through the maze of phone numbers and office appointments can be chaotic and demand a huge amount of time.  At CCA our Associates will contact you, make an appointment at your convenience and get you the assistance you need.  CCA does not receive any compensation from these businesses, but we know the integrity, reputation and  services they provide are the best. 

Non-Medical Care and Transportation

 We have non-medical caregivers who can assist with cooking, cleaning, bathing, activities of daily living, companionship and transportation.  All staff has had background checks and can stay and assist you at home, in a hospital or facility.  Assisting with activities of daily living, errands, grocery shopping and communicating with family members/caregivers.    

Home and Real Estate Specialists

 We have Real Estate Agent Associates who specialize in advising, preparing, selling homes or property for families and seniors.  We also have services to prepare a house by either Estate Sale or moving all unwanted items and cleaning a home quickly for sale if needed.   We also have a handyman resource for things to be fixed.   

Insurance Benefits Specialist

  We have Associates that specialize in Insurance eligibility and benefits to assure you are getting all the services you are eligible for.  Assuring that you understand the services available to you with Medicare, VA and all insurance and health coverage.     

Legal Services

 We have Legal associates that specialize in family law that can initiate, review or edit a will trust or what ever legal needs you may have.  Preparing at every age with these things are important to avoid astronomical costs and conflict to a family later. 


Financial Planning and Consulting

Understanding Personal finance or making headway of a loved ones personal finances, if you are in charge of it.  Our associates can help navigate and advise ways to afford what you need and prepare for the future.  With a Financial Needs Analysis they can help you plan Long term financial security, Debt consolidation, Long term care and Life insurance, and investments.  .

Family and Caregiver Support

California is rich in resources and support services for the elderly, disease specific support and specialized support for Caregivers and families.  CCA, as part of its mission, specializes in communicating to the entire family as per a clients wishes.  Often difficult family relationships or when family is living away from the client and caregiver, it becomes difficult to communicate.  CCA assures that communication is first and foremost to assure the support of the client and caregiver.  We pride ourselves on being a Patient and Family First oriented company to ensure the love and support of a family stays in tact.