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Health & Wellness


Communication and coordination of your medical conditions and treatments are necessary to live healthy and be well.  Our Health Consultants communicate with Doctors, Treatment Facilities, and Pharmacies for you as a patient advocate and educator to assure that the best treatments and understanding of diseases is known by a Client, loved ones and caregivers.

Family & Community


Family and Caregivers are the unsung heroes, and Coordinated Care is also a support and resource for families when there are life changing events happening in a loved ones life that will effect their life, their work and their finances.

Our Community is rich with resources, finding them is not always easy, so we are able to connect Families with support systems  

Life Planning Legal & Financial


Do you have all of the complicated documents in line that spell out what your wishes are?  Do you know what choices you have?  We can assist with resources, organizing and documenting legal paperwork for power of attorney for health and finances, wills, organ donation and care planning.  We can also assist with finding those resources available to get the care you want at a price you can afford.  

Executive Team

Theresa Roque-Dunaway RN


As a Nurse with over 30 years of experience in healthcare,  Specializing in Clinical Coordination, Patient Advocacy, Case Management, Patient Educator and Lecturer


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Start Your Health Journey to a Better Life

A healthy good life needs easy to understand information from healthcare providers, health education, diet and nutrition, community resources and decision planning.  

We are a family oriented group that can organize and find the resources you need for the best quality of life you can live. 

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